Neat Solutions® Potty Topper®

A Little Sheet of Neat!

You are sure to fall for our ECO-FRIENDLY disposable, stick-on toilet seat covers. Our Potty Toppers are a MUST for public rest rooms and the whole family will love them! They provide “On-the-Go” protection from public toilet seat germs.


Product description

Our Potty Topper® features a plastic liner that helps keep wetness from soaking through and the adhesive strips keep the product securely in place on public toilet seats, now if you could just get your toddler to do the same.  Over-sized dimensions keep little fingers and bottoms from touching germy surfaces. Whatever's on the seat stays on the seat and away from your child.

Cute graphics and favorite licensed characters help motivate your child to use the “big” potty.  When it comes to potty training, a little inspiration never hurts! Our Potty Toppers are BPA-Free and PVC-Free. (15”x18”)

We've taken care of the NEAT...don't worry about the seat!

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