Neatnik Saucer®

The Ultimate All-In-One Table Topper® & High-Chair Cover!

Neatnik Saucer® is the modern parents' "must have" for dining out with their little one.  Invented by a mother-daughter team, the patented Neatnik Saucer® helps keep food, toys and pacifiers off the floor, provides a clean dining space for teethers and is portable, collapsible & easy to clean.  It also includes a 12"x12" carry case with wipes pocket.


Product description

The patented Neatnik Saucer® provides extended table and play space for baby diners.  It fits in standard restaurant-style high chairs and overlaps the dining table so babies can play with their toys and eat their meals without dropping food to the floor or putting unsanitary objects in their mouths. Easy to clean and carry, the Neatnik Saucer® is the must-have companion for today's on-the-go parents. 

Neatnik Saucer® includes two main parts:  the chair liner and circular tray.  The chair liner portion fits in the seat of the high chair, and includes slots for easy access to chair safety straps.  The tray portion is designed to overlap and suction to the table and includes a rim to prevent small food items and liquids from falling to the floor and from creeping into grownup's eating space!  Prevent projectile toys by securing them with handy Easy-Closure straps.  Setting up Neatnik Saucer® is a quick and easy task and so is packing it up--because sometimes leaving a restaurant quickly is a must with young children!  

Neatnik Saucer® is designed for children 6 months and up and is not a toy.  Always use Neatnik Saucer® with a high chair.  Secure child with the safety straps provided on the high chair.  Never leave child unattended.  Adult Supervision Required.  For more information, also visit

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